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​​​​​​​ Measure - Evaluate - Change:
Parameters optimise your grinding process

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VSM Live! Measure - Evaluate - Change: Parameters optimise your grinding process

In this live webinar, we will be show you how you can significantly improve your grinding process with simple parameter adjustments.

Our presenter Michael Langer, Trainer and application engineer with many years of international experience in the abrasives market, will show you the most important parameters in the grinding process in under 30 minutes. Using live practical tests and clear examples, he explains the effects of different parameters and how you can use their variation to optimise your results.

The VSM live webinars provide you with:
> Streaming from the VSM Competence Centre's machine park
> Expert knowledge in short and compact form
> No download necessary. Register and get started straight away
> Including the possibility to ask questions to the experienced VSM application engineers during and after the webinar
> Live webinar in broadcast quality

Bring our machinery to your screen with this live webinar: With live grinding tests, our application engineers will give you exclusive insights into the possibilities of optimising your grinding parameters

Do you have any questions? We have the answers!
Afterwards, our seminar leader and our application enigneers will be available to answer your questions. Just contact us: webinar@vsmabrasives.com
Moderation by:
Michael Langer, trainer and application enigneer

Webinar style:
Live broadcast with various grinding machines from the VSM Competence Center machinery.

approx. 30 minutes

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